Sport Skill & Speed

The main difference maker in being successful in sport is Speed.  We at TR Athletics have created unique Sport specific skill and Speed programs for these sports.  We will be hosting Sport Speed Camps and Academy’s for these listed ground sports in the near future.  We already have wrestling, soccer, hockey and Lacrosse Skill coaches in place and will be filling these other coaching positions shortly.  Basically the reason behind our approach is that we are exposing all of our Club Hockey Athletes to this multi-sport skill approach so we though we would open up some weekday and weekend options for athletes that are actually majoring in these athletic events so they can benefit from our coaches expertise and improve their skill and speed in their sport of choice.

  1. Basketball
  2. Volleyball
  3. Lacrosse
  4. Soccer
  5. Rugby
  6. Football
  7. Wrestling
  8. Boxing
  9. Track