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Parent Winter Challenge

We are hopeful that you will come in and join us inside the walls of our high performance facility or in your home. We will bring the training to you with a 6 week workout program based on a functional movement screen so we make sure we aren’t stacking strength on top of dysfunction.  In 6 weeks people have traditionally lost between 15-30 lbs with a dual focus on nutrition and training.  So no matter where you are at the lake, in our facility we can support you in your goals of getting stronger, leaner and healthier.

The Challenge

  • There are teams of three-Pick your team!  Only one male and one TR member on each team.
  • There are three separate components of the challenge a 1)weight loss, 2)inches lost and 3)strength challenge
  • The inches lost will be taken right at the belly button, same scale must be used for both weight ins.  If not able to come in the measurement must be videoed and sent to TR Athletics.
  • The strength challenge will be number of 1)push ups, 2)pull ups and 3)sled push distance with 225 lbs in 60 seconds.
  • The challenge is set up as a points system-the team with the most points will win the prize
  • The Point System is based on comparison of baseline testing done at the beginning of the 6 week challenge:
    • Increase in number of chin ups 100 points per repetition
    • Increase in number of push ups 75 points per repetition
    • For every foot covered with the sled push equates to 1 point
    • Sealed starting picture in bathing suit is worth 100 points
    • Any shares of the challenge is worth 10 points a share
    • Any days that you follow the nutritional program (details provided at start of challenge)
    • Any live FB video of our TR workout posted will be 25 points, bonus of 10 points per share.
  • Investment for the Challenge
    • Members $99.99 total for the 6 weeks
    • Non Members are $59.99 a week for 6 weeks paid with CC or post dated cheques
  • What you receive
    • 24 hour access to our high performance facility
    • Access to all Individualized Group Training classes
    • 1 individual 30 minute private session to work on technique
    • Functional Movement Screen
    • 6 week strength and fat loss Virtual Program if unable to attend classes
    • Daily workout will be posted at the gym
    • There will be a leader board in each strength category, inches lost, pounds down posted every week
    • There will be weekly individual winners in predetermined categories announced each week that will be posted to the FB Page congratulating the effort and a prize awarded as well
    • Following the 6 weeks there will be social gathering planned in Leduc area to celebrate the individual and team accomplishments.
    • Professional photography shoot of your finishing pic to be posted on our website on our Wall of Fame at our facility.
    • Winning Team will receive Cash money
      • 10 teams entered over  $1100.00
      • 15 teams entered over $1600.00
      • 20 teams entered over $2200.00
      • 25 teams entered over $2800.00
      • 30 teams entered over $3500.00

*Must have minimum 10  teams to run the challenge*