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Individual Group Transformation

Individualized programing in a large boot camp group environment.  It is the best part of boot camp with culture, support and fun without the high risk of injury.  The program is based on the FMS while creating 5 levels within each program based on specific movement patterns.  Your specific result with the FMS along with your current fitness level will dictate where your would fit in our program.  Here are the following levels.

Red Light

Yellow Light

Green 1

Green 2

Green 3


TR Ultimate Male

Shout out to all the Men!!!  Off the couch and in the gym!  Not just any gym but one that will guarantee you access to what you are looking for.  Better sex, more energy, less pain, increased strength, better conditioned and of course look great naked! TR athletics specializes in training athletes and has decided …

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Baby girl helping mother lifting dumb-bells in room

Fit Mom Program

Who is this for? Moms of all ages and fitness levels!! One of the last things women need is Yoga!!  Moms need to get stronger!!!  Build some bone density, strong vibrant heart, add some lean tissue to support their active lifestyle and a healthy intake of yummy food. Give your yoga passes to your husband …

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