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Semi Private

What are the benefits?

  • More intimate coaching.  (2-4 Athletes with one Coach)
  • Individual 4 week program specifically for you
  • Access to more aggressive lifting techniques such as Olympic lifting and trap bar deadlifts for those that are ready.
  • Fast Track your results!  Get to your goal quicker
  • Master Movement and lifting technique
  • Video Review of your Lifting
  • Motivational Movie Created of your journey
  • High Performance Nutrition, Supplement and Regeneration Support
  • More Flexibility with your training times.
  • We guarantee you Results when you follow our program.  Or full refund!

Mother Daughter

A perfect opportunity for the mother to lead by example for their daughter and maximize time together.  Great bonding time for both a time to truly reconnect or stay connected with your teen daughter.  It is absolutely essential for women to strength train Mom’s get to provide the leadership their daughter needs to create a …

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plyo push up

Mega Manhood

CONGRATULATIONS!  You have found the key to the kingdom Man!  Here is the issue with us stubborn men.  We think we know what the hell we are doing in every area of our life including caring for the most important machine we own…OUR SEXY BODY!  Overhead pressing, Bench Pressing, Bicep Curling like crazy.  Well if …

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Fit Father Forty Plus

For all the Dads out there that want to lead their family by example with integrity of action this is the program for you.  As a father of five, working a fulltime job, starting up 5 businesses I know first hand the value of time and trying to create a well balanced wonderful life.  I …

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Women Strength

It is absolutely imparitive that women of all ages take part in a safe effective strength program.  Key words here are safe and effective for the specific individual.  We take great pride in bring high performance strength and conditioning solutions to you.  We belief that an effective workout shouldn’t hurt  in the joints or cause …

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