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All great champions from the beginning of time had great coaches.  TR Athletics Fem Sport Champion Angela would be honoured to be yours!  We have created the ultimate training system after 4 years of tinkering we have really ironed it down to mastery.  If you want to break down barriers and be a champion we want to coach and mentor you.  Our head coach is training to compete again this season, this is a unique TR Leadership leading from the FRONT!  “Leading the Revolution”

Kettle Bell Relay

Would it benefit you to have a coach who has been crowned a Champion in the toughest Fem Sport Event ever on the planet?  We think so!  What are the secrets to knocking off seconds from your time while maintaining a safe body posture.  How should you set the Kettle bell on the stand?  How …

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Tire Flip

What is the best way to prepare to flip a 300 pound tire in under 15 seconds 5 times to have a chance to win this event?  Where should you start?  You don’t need to know!  That is our job.  It sure as hell isn’t flipping a tire!!  What muscles do we really need to …

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Obstacle Course

What energy system should we really be training within this Fem Sport Event?  This event is a killer!!  Plus it is worth 1.5 times the points so extra detail must be paid to preparing for this specifically!  Bottom line athletic speed and agility is a must and layer in the proper metabolic conditioning and you …

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Tire Drag

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Box Jump

If you want to have a chance you have to be under 39 seconds to place in the top 3-5 women.  These women are crazy skilled at this!  TR Athletics has a detailed development system to prepare injury free to do your genetic best at this event.  One big tip for this event is diet! …

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