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TR Athletics is proud to have a four time Fem Sport Competitor and 2015 Open Champion to lead our Program Instruction for 2016/17 Competitive Season.  FemSport is a female only strength, Endurance and Power event where women from across the country unite in various locations across Canada to push their personal limits, compete with and against other women while massively cheering and supporting all competitors.  It has been a great inspiration to compete in these events and I am excited to share my experiences with you to help and support you to reach your personal best effort in the event and most important  the result of your hard work will most definitely show up in an improved quality of life.  “Leading the Revolution”

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  All great champions from the beginning of time had great coaches.  TR Athletics Fem Sport Champion Angela would be honoured to be yours!  We have created the ultimate training system after 4 years of tinkering we have really ironed it down to mastery.  If you want to break down barriers and be a champion …

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Unleashing Your Champion Within

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