Adult Fat Loss

TR Athletics is your expert in bringing high performance concepts and creativity to body fat shredding.  I have personally transformed my body and got my life back after losing 50 lbs. of fat in 4 months.  I was a so called obese high performance coach.  So do as I say not as I do.  Needless to say I turned my life around and I know I can support you with our unique holistic transformation program.  We look forward to meeting you and empowering the transformation in you.

Individual Group Transformation

Individualized programing in a large boot camp group environment.  It is the best part of boot camp with culture, support and fun without the high risk of injury.  The program is based on the FMS while creating 5 levels within each program based on specific movement patterns.  Your specific result with the FMS along with …

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Adult Strength

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man push up

24 Hour High Performance Access

Is TR Athletics a fit for you? Do you like being part of group of like minded individuals? Do you like free weights and space to use them? Do you like to train outdoors? Would a personalized program and 24 gym access help you attain your goals? TR Athletics We have a nice outdoor fenced …

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Before and after picture Whit

Parent Winter Challenge

We are hopeful that you will come in and join us inside the walls of our high performance facility or in your home. We will bring the training to you with a 6 week workout program based on a functional movement screen so we make sure we aren’t stacking strength on top of dysfunction.  In …

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