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Each person attending the class must complete a Liability Waiver and Release form.


I, _______________________________ fully understand and acknowledge that the skills training, Competition and events have inherent risks, dangers and hazards and that my participation in such classes and events may result in injury, illness or death.


I hereby release Team Revolution Hockey, Youth Athletic Development International Ltd. and partners and each of its present and former owners, principals, members and licensees from any and all liability for damage, losses or personal injury to myself resulting from my participation in any On ice, dry-land training sessions, MMA and Game Play.

I am aware that Team Revolution Hockey may Record or photograph sessions and may be used later on television, websites, promotion materials, or in any other way they see fit.

By signing this document I hereby authorize Team Revolution Hockey to use mine and my child’s name and likenesses, voices, verbal statements and video-taped pictures for any of the aforementioned purposes.


Please sign and print your name below to release liability. Thank you!

(Please Print)
Date:   _____________________

Age of Participant:____________

Birth Date________________

Position Played ____________________

Name of participant:__________________________________
Parent Signature:_____________________________________

(For participants under 18 years of age).


Parent Name:________________________________________


NOTE: It is the responsibilities of parents and/or guardians of all participants under age 18 to make known any past, present, injuries, limitations, special conditions that may prevent participation and or enjoyment in these events.

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