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 Kevin Yellowaga- Master Skills Coach

Kevin has developed an exciting and dynamic hockey skills training curriculum that will challenge and inspire your player to their best game.  

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Brooks Bandits Skills Coach 2012 – present
  • Hockey Skills Instructor and Coach Mentor 2008-present
  • Hockey Canada Skills Academy Operator 2000-2007
  • Alberta Hockey Leader Award 2004



I have clear vision of what I want to build in this world. Through any means necessary, I help inspire athletes and business leaders to harness the power of purpose. Galvanizing minds, attitudes and confidence is my life’s mission. I am here to add to your legacy. Minor hockey to the NHL, I work with anyone willing to displace fear, comfort and doubt to achieve their dreams. I am a safe harbor for change and growth and through the support of Stone Performance Academy, athletes are relentless, emotionally intelligent and confident in a perpetual state of discomfort. It has been said that Motivation is the desire to achieve that which is worth while. I’ve found that which is worth while, have you?