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TR 2019 Summer Club Hockey Program

Team Revolution Hockey has developed and individual on ice training program.  Each athlete will rank somewhere within the Junior to Legend Ranking system.  Each session the athlete will be challenged to push themselves to a new level.  This training system is a one of a kind never seen before system so we are really excited to provide this for all the young hockey players that are eager to get better.

Our ground system is an Individual Group training program based on Functional Movement.  We really want to ensure that each athlete has a solid base to develop from and this system ensures that will take place.

Team Revolution Hockey are experts in developing and training young athletes we hope to see you out to one of our camps.

Young Guns Group:  2012-2009  Head Trainer: Joshua Hagel

Big Guns Group:  2008-2005 Head Trainer: Austin Pickford

Head of Development:  Jim Pickford

If you have any questions please Email Here!

Please include the Athletes name and week that they will be attending the training.

Weekly Training Investment:  $599.99 plus GST

Please click the link below to check the dates times and rinks where the training will occur.

TR Summer Club Hockey Schedule

Training Schedule Breakdown

Ice Session Make Up:  60 minutes of Individual Skills Development Program which is as it states individualized and leveled.  Then followed by 30 minutes of individual tactic development and position specific development.

Ground Session Make Up:  90 minutes of Individual Strength Power and Speed Program.  60 Minutes of Shooting Tech and Hand Speed and creativity 30 minutes of Ultimate Sport games teaching Team Tactics and System Development.

All Training will take place at the rink facility pick up an drop off supervised times 15 minutes prior and post training hours unless special circumstances.

*No Refunds*

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