Semi Private Elite Skating Academy

Team Revolution High Performance Skating Academy

Goal of the Academy:  To increase speed, power, agility and technique of the hockey player utilizing a combined ice and ground approach.  To help these young athletes improve their ability to be a more dynamic dominant player.  We Believe that we can impact skating dramatically,  Too many young hockey players are exposed to camps and or minor hockey and the way they skate and move doesn’t really change.   By keeping the athlete to coach ratio very intimate in combination with TR Ice and Ground techniques will create a winning formula. If we are able to recognize flaws in technique and correct them along with increasing posture and strength the athlete will increase performance.  Repetition is the mother of excellence and we don’t believe 10,000 hours is required we believe that in as little as 10 detailed training hours with our system there will be dramatic change.

Why attend a camp in July?  As everyone else is fooled listening to the so called experts to play minor baseball, soccer and take a break at the lake;  is necessary to be the best athletic hockey player,   We know that to be the best requires a daily commitment to work on the skills necessary to be a athletic hockey player.  Now to maximize that potential get exposure to a well developed tested over time development system implemented by a 30 plus year in the trenches high performance coach and his team.  If your young hockey player is driven and motivated to get to the next level and can’t get enough of hockey and dreams of playing in the NHL, Team Canada or the Olympics then this camp is for them.  This time of year is for the truly committed athlete that wants to get better and leap ahead of the opposition.  Make a wise decision “Leading the Revolution”

Why Semi Private?  I have talked to and seen recently wealthy individuals getting their young athletes exposed to one on one training on the ice or in the gym.  Not everyone can afford that intimate instruction so I am getting creative and doing what I think is even better.  To really impact performance with technique and movement skills the athlete needs to rest.  Therefore adding a couple other athletes allows the required work to rest ratio and is easier on the pocket book while still providing a very intimate high value experience.  We have also added multiple small semi private groups on the ice at once to further create a more affordable experience.  As a father of five athletic kids I understand the financial commitment to being the best and we at TR are dedicated to bringing high quality to all athletes that are driven to be best regardless of their financial situation.

Camp Dates:

Camp Age Groups:  

  • Novice 2010-2009
  • Atom 2008-2007
  • Peewee 2006-2005

Camp Details

  • Max number of  Athletes with the Coach is 4
  • Head Coaches are Joshua Hagel, Austin Pickford and Jim Pickford
  • Ice Training Location:
  • Ground Training Location:  5110-47 Street Leduc, TR High Performance Facility
    • Ice Training Summary
      • TR On Ice skating system.
      • Energy System Structured training program
      • Progression based program in all skating skills
      • Pre and post testing, video and time trials
    • Ground Training Summary
      • TR Ground Base Skating System
      • Slide Board Striding Instruction
      • Olympic Lifting Technique
      • Single Leg strength progression
      • Pre and post testing, video and time trials
  • Investment for the camp
    • One Week (10 hours) of Semi Private Training $339.99 plus GST
    • Two Weeks (20 hours) of Semi Private Training $679.99 plus GST
    • Three Weeks (30 hours) of Semi Private Training 1019.99 plus GST
    • TR Winter Club or Spring Club Athletes will receive 10% off
    • RT Spring Club will be charged an extra 10%
  • Register for the Camp
    • Fill out the waiver on the TR website under the Hockey Page at the bottom of the drop down box
    • E-Transfer the payment to Password is trathletics
    • Questions please email, text , or Call Jim 780-977-4027