What should your young hockey players experience look like at this level?  FUN!!

Guided Discovery through Game Play or Skill-Game Format is an absolute must.  No pressure to perform just allow them to really have fun as learning to skate is very very difficult!

  • Guided Discovery Game Play Skating skill Drills/Games to develop-edging, jumping, balance, squatting, turning, stopping, transitions, striding, crossovers (ice time must be used for skating-no passing drills or shooting drills zero!!)
  • Ground Guided Discovery Game Play Movement Skill Drills/Games-Balance, Multi Directional Speed and Agility, Strength and more
  • Ground Hockey Specific Skill-Game Drills- 360 degree shooting, contact confidence, pass delivery and reception skills, and more
  • Hockey IQ Game Play- one on one tactics learning how to beat people one on one and defend one on one.

TR Hockey has a development system created to ensure young hockey athletes develop the necessary skills required to have fun and set them up to enjoy hockey for life.  Lets face it nothing is fun if you aren’t very good at it.  Developing skills so they can get to pucks and have the puck for most of the game is fun!  Selfish play rules the best players will have the puck and passing the puck is counter productive to development at this age.

A very good initiation player should be able to skate both FW and BW with ease and be able to handle the puck dribbling while skating FW.